Wallet Group Collaboration

Empower Your Finances Together! Introducing Wallet Group Management – Effortlessly collaborate with friends, family, or colleagues to share expenses and manage funds seamlessly. Team up for financial success!

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Receive Money everywhere you go!

To receive money, simply let the payer scan your QR-Code. You can also print this QR-Code and stick it on marketable goods.

Transfer Money at low costs

Transfer money to PAID-CASH users or other operators at very low costs, payable with different options

The Merchant only
The Buyer only
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Pay goods and services

Effortlessly pay for goods and services, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. Shop smart, pay easy!

Receive a bonus by using PAID-CASH

Unlock Extra Rewards! Get more when you receive money in your wallet – Introducing Bonus Boost! Earn a percentage of the fees as a delightful bonus. Maximize your gains with every transaction. Your wallet, your perks!

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It's easy to get started!

Revolutionize your transactions with our exhilarating mobile app – where ease meets security in a seamless dance of financial empowerment!

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